About us

Company History

The company was founded in Fedruary 1971 under the of HONTECH Sewing Machine Factory Co., Ltd. Devoted to making Sewing Machine Components.
As the business expanded, our emphasis shifted in the direction of information Technology, computers, photoelectric technology, electronic devices and other High technology areas. In 1997, the company changed its name to HONTECH Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Focusing on hinges for notebook computers and LCD monitors, various other kinds of hinges,precision spindles and gears,as well as the original sewing Machine components.HONTECH has established an outstanding reputation on the interantional market and has,the same time,actively developed new Products.

Notably,the company has been awarded a number of Taiwan and overseas patents for its notebook computer hinges,which is conformation of its technical expertise and product quality.In the last few years,Taiwan hs entered a period of industrial transformation,with intense competition in the developing new products and new designs.In this environment,each member of the technical Standards.

We have continued to introduce automated equipment to reduce labor time and cost.In order to maintain our competitive advantages,we awarded ISO 9001 cerificate in Nov 25th,2006,to give our customers the best guarantee of quality and securing the base for our company's sustained operation in the futurs.

We cooperating with world leaders to increase our competitive ability.We promise to deliver excellent products to our customers by listening to customer's needs.We wish to lead the industry by our continuous passion and commitment.