About us



Looking backward to the past decades that our company has been an innovative designer and professional manufacturer of SMART MECHANICS,we feel very proud of what we have accomplished.
Growing with the industry and economy of Taiwan,HONTECH has made sure and steady progress.
With the prosperous development of the industry,we have been surefooted and actively expanded the capacity of mechanical production to meet the demand of the vast clients.

Being professional OEM/ODM providers,we promise to create mutually-beneficial situations with our global partners and enhance added-value in order to achieve the goal of business continuity.We have top quality products and world-class services to keep us at the forefront of the SMART MECHANICS industry.

Pursuing to the efficiency and quality of R&D, we have an excellent R&D team with experiences and "konw-how" that can fully meet customer's demand within limited frame.

Looking forward to the next decades, i have great confidence that HONTECH is able to remain a leader in the SMART MECHANICS industry in Taiwan.We believe that applause from our clients and the diligence of our staff will keep our company growing and prospering continuously.

Having such professional and complete flexible services is only in HONTECH. We promise to keep quality high and costs low. Here I would be very proud of sayling, HONTECH ont only makes for you, also thinks the best and provides the best for you ! We are the best SMART MECHANICS EXPERT !